The Rustic Cross

It is 130 inches high and 103.5 inches wide. The face of the cross is 10 inches wide.

The Ranch Style arbor

Itis 105 inches high by 80 inches wide. The inside measures 5 feet in-between the posts.

The Woodland Style metal arbor

(that looks like the railings) is 7 feet 8 inches tall and 5 feet wide and is approximately 2 feet deep.




Wood & Metal Arbor

6' from inside to inside. 3' from front to back. 7' 1/2" from side to side. 9' 8" from top of metal to bottom. 7' 4" from draping pole to bottom.




Infinity Arbor

This infinity arbor can be used anywhere you desire.  Indoor ceremonies or outdoor ceremonies.  Use it to create your own special ceremony location.  It is 6’x6’ and stands 6” off the ground. It has hooks welded onto the back side for hanging florals & draping.




Wood Cross

62.5” across the arms, 69” tall, 26” from arms to the top, 11.25” wide and 10” deep.