A venue coordinator is available to answer questions related to your rental at Creekside Farm Weddings & Events. Communication between the venue coordinator and the client will help make your event unbelievable. At the time of booking a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Final payment is due 6 months prior to your date. Additional rentals can be made up to two weeks to Up to the day of your event. If you cancel within the 6 months prior to the contract date, you will forfeit one hundred percent (100%) of the deposits and payments received. Contract, payments, additional rental payments, damage deposits and insurance certificates can be mailed to:

Creekside Farm Weddings & Events

8555 Rushseba Trail

Rush City, MN 55069

Damage Deposit:

A $500.00 damage deposit is required and the event coordinator has the right to alter the amount if necessary. The entire damage deposit will be refunded to you within 30 days of your event unless:
Vandalism or damage to anywhere on the property; buildings and the surrounding grounds.
Guests smoke in the barn or they leave cigarette/cigar stubs on the grounds or parking lot. There is excessive clean up after your event. (garbage, confetti, glitter, silly string spray, popcorn, hay etc.)

Building Security, Procedures and Lock-Up

Creekside Farm Weddings & Events staff members will lock the building at the end of your event. All items must be cleared out and taken with you when you leave. Items can not be left overnight.